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Joe Wainer
Joe WainerUpdated 4 months ago

Free mod server for Minecraft

Minecraft Forge is a game utility application developed by LexManos for Minecraft. This free and open-source program works as a server that lets players download and install mods on the sandbox game. It creates compatibility between the current version of the game and the community-created modifications.

Minecraft Forge is ideal for players who want to tweak specific features within Minecraft. With this added to your game, you can introduce new creatures, items, and blocks. Although, note that once you use the app to change the settings, you will need to continue using it to access the same mods you played.

What does Forge do?

Minecraft started as a simple building game with one server. However, its simplicity appealed to those who love playing with Lego blocks and those who love adventure games. The game allows both creation of your own virtual world and completing objectives to advance further. Even better, it has a large modding community that enables players to personalize their gaming experience with features that aren't available on the vanilla game.

Minecraft Forge is a helpful tool created for the sandbox game. Modding can be difficult in some games, but this app simplifies it. With it, you can manage your mods with ease. Selecting it as a profile on your Minecraft launcher adds a button that allows you to view a list of your mods. From there, you can choose the Minecraft mods you want to use and launch the game as usual.

Moreover, Forge allows you to copy a newly downloaded mod to the mods folder without searching for the location manually. On top of it all, it lets you create your very own server. With this, you can turn the game into a multiplayer by allowing your friends access to the server. Although, doing so may take some time as the process is quite tricky. Additionally, it takes ages before your new server goes live.

How do you install Minecraft Forge?

Unlike other mod programs that you can install in minutes, Minecraft Forge may take time before you can use it. However, the process is relatively simple. There are also only a few steps required. Once downloaded, go to the downloaded file and open it. Then, select Install Client and hit OK. If you cannot run the installer, check if Java is installed. Once opened, launch Minecraft and change the profile to forge.

When the game loads, you will see a new Mods menu on the start screen. From there, you can choose which mod to use. However, while there is a search feature in the Mods menu, the app does not remember your past choices. It also does not predict the mods you want to use the next time you play. You will have to search for them every time you launch the game

An indispensable tool for players and modders

Whether you are up to your ears with mods or looking to get started in the Minecraft modding scene, Minecraft Forge is a tool you don't want to miss. With this program, you will have a handy tool to manage your mods. It also simplifies the installation of new mods created by others. Even better, it enables you to create a server that turns the game into a multiplayer. However, it is far from perfect and can be tricky to use, especially for novices.


  • Easy mod management
  • Access to thousands of Minecraft mods
  • Allows creation of public and private Minecraft servers
  • Fast configuration


  • Mods won't run without Forge
  • Does not remember your past mod choices
  • Creating a server is tricky
  • Takes time before your new server goes live

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Minecraft Forge for PC

  • Free
  • In English
  • V 1.19-41.1.0
  • 3.2
  • (2476)
  • Security Status

User reviews about Minecraft Forge

  • Sadaf Abrar

    by Sadaf Abrar

    this is a lovely game and very calming for me.
    i think its pretty good and really fun i like it a lot i mean almost the entire world should down More

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    irritating .
    won't let install file
    It just keeps trying to download it over and over
    Pros: nothing

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    pie is good.
    it is good and powerful and it makes my Minecraft way better
    Pros: video games

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    Minecraft Forge is a great way to set up mods for Minecraft..
    Minecraft Forge makes it really easy to create and install mods, which are one of  More


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