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Install mods and create a server for Minecraft

Minecraft Forge is a tool that lets you install mods and create a server for the ever-popular Minecraft.

Access thousands of mods for Minecraft

To take advantage of the hundreds and even thousands of mods available for Minecraft, you need a tool to install them. Minecraft Forge is one of the most popular within the Minecraft community, with one of the largest number of compatible mods.

Many sites list these mods, such as the official wiki for Minecraft Forge, PlanetMinecraft, and ResourcePack.

In addition to installing and managing mods, Minecraft Forge gives you the option of installing your own server for Minecraft. You can host your parties and invite players to play with you.

A tricky installation

Installing Minecraft Forge can be a bit tricky, but you'll find all the help you need on the wiki and forums devoted to it. Once the installation is completed, the addition of new mods is very simple: you only have to drag and drop files into the mods folder from the Minecraft's installation folder.

An indispensable tool for modders

If you want to make the most of all of Minecraft's mods, Minecraft Forge will be an indispensable tool.


  • Compatible with many mods
  • You can also create a server


  • Installation is a bit complex
  • Not very intuitive

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Minecraft Forge


Minecraft Forge for PC

User reviews about Minecraft Forge

  • Sadaf Abrar

    by Sadaf Abrar

    this is a lovely game and very calming for me.
    i think its pretty good and really fun i like it a lot i mean almost the entire woMore

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    irritating .
    won't let install file
    It just keeps trying to download it over and over
    Pros: nothing

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    pie is good.
    it is good and powerful and it makes my Minecraft way better
    Pros: video games

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    Minecraft Forge is a great way to set up mods for Minecraft..
    Minecraft Forge makes it really easy to create and install mods, whMore

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